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New Motor Installation Services

There is a possibility that the mere replacement of the door panel makes smooth running of your garage door. We have always talked about hiring some professional because they are the one who have enough knowledge regarding the working of the door. There is a possibility that if you avail the services of any layman, he may advise you to go for new motor installation, whereas the issue with the door would be on panels.

The working of the door panel is greatly hampered during the rainy season as well if it is knocked by any hard object. Sometimes when kids are playing, they kick the ball towards the door which effect the panel working.

At the end of the day, it is the professional decision to decide whether they recommend replacement of new motor or think, it can be modified by few amendments in the existing structure. Kew gardens garage door repair has experts trained in this field and are just a call away. Contact us and let us know. Keeping your budget intact, we will work till you get satisfied out of our services.

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